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Accelerate Any Diet

Diet and Weight Loss is Like Holding Your Finger on a Grinder

Weight loss programs, products, books, and companies generate about $70 Billion in annual revenues. With this kind of money at stake, there is not a huge incentive for a permanent solution that actually works, less the problem be solved and the revenue disappear.

It is my experience that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of weight loss failures for each success, but there are those who have had successful diets, which keeps the hope alive for everyone else. There is the Dash Diet, Weight Watchers, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, Jenny Craig, pills, tonics, menus, and too many multilevel marketing companies built around diets to list.

Contrary to the marketing hype, and a few before and after pictures, the truth is that for the vast majority of people, DIETS DO NOT WORK!!! What most people don't know is that there is a very real and easily understood reason why weight loss and diet programs don't work...

Emotions, behavior, and thoughts control everything about you... What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat, how you spend your time, whether you exercise, how you feel, your level of stress, and other factors that influence your weight and health are all controlled by your inner being (thoughts, emotions, history, behaviors, etc.). Weight is a symptom – an effect. What is the cause? What is the source?

If you hold your finger on a belt sander, in a short time your finger will hurt from the friction and heat. The cause is holding your finger on the sander. The effect is a hurt finger. But the REAL KEY is the question: why are you holding your finger on the sander in the first place? The answer to that question is the real source of the problem. You can buy all sorts of band-aids to put on your finger to protect it while you press it against the sander. You can buy tonics to put on the finger so it slides easier on the sander. You can read books about how to control the pain mentally while you press your finger against the sander. But the real answer is to resolve the source: find out why you are pressing your finger against the sander and permanently adjust your inner being, your emotions, behaviors, and thoughts to STOP PRESSING YOUR FINGER AGAINST THE SANDER!!!

Weight loss and diet programs are exactly the same! Weight and health issues are simply effects, indicators that there are underlying issues (the source) held by your inner being that are causing the weight and health symptoms. All the will power, special diets, MLM meetings, tonics, books, and other band-aids will fail against the strength of your inner being. You are so successful at having created Thought Forms that are still serving you (based on old programming and to the detriment of your health) that until you remove these creations, your weight and health will continue to be a problem for you!

Hypnosis can be effective for weight loss because it can provide new programming to adjust how you eat. Even more effective is a Personal Congruency Conduit™ that offers Emotional Tracing™ techniques which actually identify and resolve the underlying issues that are creating your desires and behaviors toward eating.

Accelerate Any Diet or Lose Weight Without a Diet

Eating is a symptom, a behavior that, when unhealthy, is driven by other issues. UNTIL YOU RESOLVE THE UNDERLYING ISSUES, DIETS WILL NOT WORK! Conversely, when you resolve the underlying source issues, you can easily accelerate any diet.

We have all been given “issues” by others throughout our life. A misguided peer calls us fat, a mother having a bad day tells us to stop eating, a school coach tells us to lose weight. Guilt, abuse, divorce, and many other situations can create the underlying issues. Resolve the underlying issues and you can accelerate any diet and enjoy easy weight loss. In fact, when the underlying issues are resolved, you can even lose weight without a diet.

Emotional Tracing™ is so effective, enjoyable, and life changing because it finally gives you control! You will uncover the REAL SOURCES and causes for ANY effect in your life, such as being over weight. With Emotional Tracing™ you will find the real reasons, the real causes, and most importantly, be given real tools to change those sources to create what you really want in your life.

Ignore the real source, the underlying issues controlling your diet, and you will probably be unhappy and overweight the rest of your life. Get to the real source of the issues, resolve them, and you can easily accelerate any diet and you will certainly be a lot happier.

For many clients, Emotional Tracing™ starts out as a physical focus (weight loss, addiction recovery, financial security, etc.) but the process also becomes a spiritual awakening as they discover who they really are.

Many of the facets of our lives are intertwined. You may have never thought of losing weight as a spiritual experience, but then again, if you lost 40-80 pounds, and cleared out those related issues, how would you feel?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to learn more about how Emotional Tracing™ and a Personal Congruency Conduit™ can help you GET YOUR FINGER OFF THE SANDER and achieve the WEIGHT LOSS you deserve!