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You are about to discover how to trade a hammer for a screwdriver and easily and quickly remove the screws in your life. CHANGE IS EASY when you are given the right tools!

Are you ready for change that actually works?

Not Good EnoughImagine that you are a builder carrying your toolbox full of tools, on your way to work, when you find a 6 year old who is struggling to remove a screw Screw_in_wood02from a piece of wood. The only tool he has is a hammer. You watch him try and try, but no matter how he wedges, pries, beats, or twists the hammer, he cannot remove the screw. He complains to you, “I am a failure. I am so upset. I should be able to remove this screw, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot. I am a loser.'

Would you judge him a “loser”? Probably not. Would you scold him for failing to remove the screw? No. Would you encourage him to use “will power” and try harder? NO YOU WOULD NOT! Why?

Because you understand that his lack of success has nothing to do with his character, person, intention, desire or integrity. His “failure” has nothing to do with his effort and “Will Power” will not help! His problem is that he simply does not have the right tools for his goal. It's NOT his fault that he has failed... his "failure" would be more accurately described as simply a misunderstanding that can easily be resolved.

You hand him a different (and better) tool, a screwdriver, and with a few simple instructions you observe him achieve success and remove the screw. He is overjoyed at his success. Where he falsely judged himself as a failure, he quickly gained confidence, insight, and success.  Depression, anxiety and frustration were quickly turned to accomplishment, understanding and happiness.

You are this little boy! Every failure in your life has been due to you misunderstanding... every lack of success was simply you having the wrong tools... You are about to learn how you have been using a hammer all of your life to attempt to remove the screws of depression, divorce, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, dieting, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, business problems, family issues, and other challenges. You will discover why problems come back over and over in your life.

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