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Emotions from “bad” experiences hurt and resolving them is counter-intuitive. People have a bad experience, and then spend the rest of their lives hiding from it, ignoring it, trying to forget it, or even “self-medicating” it away through drugs and alcohol. The irony is that those feelings are NOT your enemy, but rather the path to your healing, learning, and happiness.

You struggle with the same issues over and over again because no one has gotten to the source of the problem and helped you fix it! Your struggles at work, divorce and relationship issues, wrestling with teenagers, your battles with addiction, and times when you are deeply unhappy exist because no one has given you REAL TOOLS to permanently fix those issues!

It is estimated that AA (Alcoholic's Anonymous) fails about 90% of the time. It never deals with the underlying issue! Drinking is only a symptom, a means to attempt to “self medicate” and relieve the pain from some thought or event (often from a past event). When you permanently resolve and remove that pain, drinking is no longer necessary and readily stopped!

Rehab centers can also be very costly and frustrating, with little tangible results. A staff of “degreed professionals”, high cost, fancy building and brochures, and lots of activities can lead potential clients to believe that their addictions will finally be fixed. Yet the rehab centers often have group meetings and many activities, but never address and resolve the real issues in the individual the are the source of the addiction. The tragedy that can be experienced by the client is that after paying $30,000 – 60,000 or more for a 30 day stay in the rehab center, they quickly resume their addiction and then really feel bad - “I must really be a loser if the rehab center can't fix me”. Rather than helping, this experience can actually rob the client of money, tarnish their reputation (miss work and have others know they had to go to rehab), and more importantly, it can actually make the problem worse!

Emotional Tracing™ is different!


Clients with real problems get real and permanent results. You can overcome problems and issues you have wrestled with for years. Obtain your own personal changes and results in as little as 3 days compared to 30 days in a rehab center. Clients who did not find the results they wanted through rehab, shrinks, AA, or other resources, often find easier, faster, cheaper, and more effective results through Emotional Tracing™.

How Learned Behaviors are formed (the purple line in the graphic):

1) An impactful event takes place in your life
2) You feel emotions during that event
3) Emotions are tied to thoughts
4) Thoughts yield the creation of thought forms (conclusions and/or behaviors) that you create
5) Thought forms and behaviors go to work, as you instructed, until they are dismissed

Emotional Tracing™ (the green line in the graphic) is the process of identifying existing thought forms, then tracing emotions back to the original impactful event. The event, emotions, and reasons for the creation of the thought form and behavior is thoroughly discovered and analyzed. The original thought form and behavior is then confirmed, adjusted, or dismissed and replaced with a more accurate and more powerful though form and behavior that really supports you.

Stop Smoking - easy. Lose Weight - sure. Overcome Abuse/Trauma - absolutely. Remove Addiction - permanently. But these are only the beginning...

Overcome ANY limitation or barrier in your life. Imagine the success you can achieve in your life... take control and make the money you deserve... enjoy the amazing, loving relationship you've always wanted... get answers to prayer and take your spirituality to a whole new level... the opportunities are endless and your person power is limitless.

For more information, see the video: Limitations Begin with Thought Forms.

The natural result is that the behavior, performance, and creations in your life are quickly and easily adjusted to be in harmony with who you really are. Often tragic events and “big” challenges result in dramatic and quick changes with astonishingly positive results.

A new you in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Emotional Tracing™ is your path to removing old limitations and issues.

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Step 2: Higher Order of Thought™ is your path to new, empowering Thought Forms and truths that will create abundance, happiness, success and fulfillment through tangible tools that are easy to implement.

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