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Not Good Enough

"I am not good enough" A 30 year old man who lost job after job discovered how an event when he was in 4th grade effected his whole life. Emotional Tracing enabled him to change everything!

Most issues a person wrestles with today were created many years ago through one or more impactful or traumatic events. This is a true story and great example of how events that occur in childhood can and often do, control and influence a person for the rest of their life unless they remove those old Thought Forms (programming) and/or create new Thought Forms based upon the intelligence, experience, and desires of an adult.

Most people feel like they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Once they use Emotional Tracing to discover how that Thought Form was created, it is liberating, exciting, and extremely motivating to finally be FREE!

You came here as an amazing, spiritual, happy, enlightened, fun-loving, caring, intelligent, insightful, wonderful being. Then everyone else dumped their ISSUES on you and like crabs trying to pull others back into the pot, they convinced you that you had problems too.

The truth about feeling NOT GOOD ENOUGH is that you just misunderstand how awesome you are! You are good enough and Emotional Tracing can help you see who you really are.

Leave a comment below... what event in your past created a struggle for you?