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Freedom of Speech

In Dark Times, See the Rainbow...

or be one.

Just when you are running late for your job interview, you find a kid covered in goo!!! "WHY ME???" you scream. Never mind that as you ran around the house naked trying to find clean clothes (who does the laundry anyway?), you had the bright idea of giving him 5 finger painting containers to entertain him. (He wasn't supposed to be smart enough to open them.)

"If the damn kid is so smart, let him go get a job", you think for a moment. "Wait, maybe..." you set a laptop in his crib, just hoping he is the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. "Come on, you can do it. Write some code. Let me see it." You mash his hands on the keyboard. "Come on little buddy. Billions of dollars are just waiting if you can just create even a simple app that the whole world wants. We feed you. We cloth you. Is it too much to ask that you type a few lines of code?" He smiles a big grin at you, then lifts his hand.

"OH my gosh. He is really going to..."

He bends over, drool slides down his chin and drips on the laptop. "That's OK. Lots of people drool on their laptop", you tell him, saving the birds and the bees discussion for another time.

He reaches up, spreads his little fingers... "I knew it! He's a frickin' little Einstein."
His hand keeps rising. "He's so smart. Is that the Thinking Man's pose?"

And then picks his nose.

It's only then that you notice a pungent odor.

"Damn it!" Wondering if DELL covers your laptop for a leaking diaper, you abruptly snatch it out of the reach of your little dummy." (He's not really dumb, but it would have been great if he was smarter than everyone else on earth combined.) I mean, couldn't he just be a little Steve Wozniak? (Aren't you smart for not giving Steve Jobs ALL the credit.)

You step out of the room to grab all of the supplies needed for the rescue mission... diaper, baby wipes, more baby wipes, new clothes, and "what else am I forgetting?" You look at your watch. You're already fifteen minutes late for your interview - no way you're getting that job. Frustration sets in, "who needs to eat anyway?" You walk back into the little tike's room and suddenly you see it...

He's covered in a rainbow.

Red. Blue. Purple. Orange. Green. and just about every color in between. And he's the jackpot. Suddenly all of the anger, frustration, stress, and worry disappears. You pick him up, still wearing your white dress shirt, and give him the biggest monster hug ever!

He wraps his little arms around your neck and smooshes his cheek against yours. Green, yellow and red paint oozing down your face and onto your shirt. Now you're both covered in rainbows.

When life gets dark, it can be hard to see the rainbow, but it's ALWAYS there.


A trick to finding rainbows when they are hidden is to put your world back into perspective. Say, "I see what I don't want easily - it's staring me in the face. What 3 things am I grateful for?" Then focus on what you DO want.

Today, no matter what, I'm looking for rainbows. And if I don't find one, I'll be one.