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A Personal Congruency Conduit™
Personal Development on a Whole New Level

Personal Development with a Personal Congruency Conduit™Everyone has a blind side – at least one. There are sides of you that you just can't see. Issues that haunt you, demons that torment you, but they are such a part of you... you have grown so comfortable in your own issues, that you can't see them... or are afraid of them... or don't know how to deal with them... or feel strong emotions that make you want to hide from them.

A physical example - you will go your entire life never seeing the back of your own head. Others can see it easily, buy you cannot. Oh sure, you can see a reflection of it if you set up a couple of mirrors in just the right position, but then it is only a reflection on imperfect surfaces, with imperfect light, dust, and “stuff” that can block, impede, or otherwise inhibit your proper and clear site.

The greatest athletes in the world, like Michael Jordan, can outperform their coach, yet the coach can see things that Michael cannot. A coach can offer a different point of view, different background, different understandings and experiences, new insights, and new understandings.

Incongruency is the #1 block to personal development. Incongruency will block ANY goal, dream, objective, or creation. Everything you have EVER accomplished was a result of you being totally and completely Congruent for that accomplishment! (see the article Congruency: The key to Accomplishing Anything)

A Personal Congruency Conduit™ is one trained and skilled in using experiential learning and tools for change so you can OVERCOME YOUR TOUGHEST CHALLENGES, change any behavior, REMOVE ANY FEAR, accomplish any goal, and gain the self-confidence, success, and happiness that you want and deserve. This is not just "coach" who watches you perform from the sidelines, nor is this a "shrink" who talks and talks and talks with you for years without any real progress. A Personal Congruency Conduit™ is one who participates with you and guides you, using specific tools where you will EXPERIENCE AND KNOW that personal development and permanent change is taking place!

Once you have experienced a Personal Congruency Conduit, you will be amazed at how great it feels to gain REAL TOOLS that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY! Your Personal Congruency Conduit™ can bring experiential tools where you will FEEL RELIEF AND JOY as you experience amazing understanding, and change take place during your very first visit. You will be able to overcome ANY addiction, traumatic event, guilt, block, self-defeating behavior, demon, limitation, hardship, situation, or misunderstanding!

We LOVE working with clients who have tried one or more “shrinks”, counselors, therapists, hypnotists, rehab centers, 12 step program, seminars, or books that failed to bring them results because they REALLY APPRECIATE the difference and immediate results they experience with Emotional Tracing™!

If you were serious about being good at a sport, you wouldn't face the competition without a coach. LIFE is even more important, your happiness is even more vital, and you deserve all the advantages and success possible... YOU DESERVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL CONGRUENCY CONDUIT™!

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