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Puppet on a StringAre you a puppet on a string? Failure, Addiction, Depression, Financial Struggles, Divorce, Anxiety... everything in your life is a Learned Behavior! Everything. Thoughts you formed at 3, 7, 12, and 16 (and other young ages) are controlling your life as an adult. Whatever your parents, teachers, coaches, relatives, friends, and enemies told you up to this point in your life, caused you to have thoughts, draw conclusions, make choices and behave in ways that are controlling you today!

Some of these Learned Behaviors may serve you well... perhaps it is easy for you to study, or it may be natural for you to be kind. Maybe creative ideas flow easily, or you find it easy to compliment others. Yet some of these Learned Behaviors work against you... perhaps you struggle keeping a job, or maybe you are often critical of others. Maybe you struggle with relationships or fight to be happy.

All of you, the good and the not-so-good, is a collection of Learned Behaviors. Much of it was NOT thoughtfully and deliberately given to you. Everyone around you, parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, coaches, peers, authority figures, and others had their own issues, their own agendas, often spewing their “emotional discharges”, issues and reactions onto you.

Emotional Tracing™: the new solution to bring about fast and dramatic changes to your life!

Over 15 years in development, with real world dramatic success, the new Emotional Tracing™ techniques can enable you to finally take control of your life, throwing out the Learned Behaviors that no longer serve you and creating powerful new Learned Behaviors that bring about dramatic change and the life you want and deserve.

Emotional Tracing™ is NOT another way for a shrink to talk with you for 3 years with no results. This is not a “bark like a dog” hypnosis gimmick. This is NOT an expensive 30 day rehab clinic where you are kept busy, but the real issue is never resolved and two days after getting out you have the same problems.

THIS IS DIFFERENT than ANYTHING you have EVER experienced!

This is scientific based applied quantum physics for rapid and permanent change. You will experience your world changing right before your eyes. You will know from your own experience, how powerful, effective, and liberating Emotional Tracing™ can be.

The biggest advancements toward success don't come by learning to become someone else...
they come from removing the barriers to who you really are!

Emotional Tracing™ - finally you can STOP BEING A PUPPET ON A STRING!

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