You didn't OBTAIN limitations
using reason and logic.

You can't REMOVE limitations
using reason and logic.

Books don’t work. Talking doesn’t work. Will power doesn’t work.

Guilt doesn’t work. Punishment doesn’t work. Hoping doesn’t work.


Emotional Tracing™

A whole new experience… that really works.

"I wish I would have found you years ago!"

“I can’t begin to express how much you have helped me. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say, you have saved my life.”

“Everyone should know about your in-home rehab! No missing work and amazingly more effective than the $30,000 month stay in a clinic I had.”

“I have never seen my son so excited. After spending 2 hours with you, he is changed! Three days later and he is still talking about what he learned.”


You are brilliant… an angel in the making.

This is where you practice.

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