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Behind Your SHOULDs is Your Heart
Follow That!

It's true for you.
It's even more true for your business!

“SHOULD” are rules and expectations that others have caused us to demand of ourselves. Some “SHOULDs” we convince ourselves that we need to do, others annoy us but we do them because we believe we must, and others we hate. But all of them are usually “SHOULDs” that we do because we haven't fully investigated another view or solution.

Often innovation is nothing more than someone who looked to find a solution to a problem without consideration of any rules or expectations.

Creativity is the process of assembling ideas formed without limitation, without judgment, and even purposefully originated from a previously unconsidered point of view. In other words, creativity can be thought as ideas originating from the heart with little (and sometimes no) boundaries or limitations from the mind.

Often great breakthroughs, fantastic growth, and new markets can be found by companies when they bring their heart, their passion, and a higher purpose in alignment with their business activities. The business that makes a transition from the old model of “supply and demand” to a new model of “doing the most good” may discover far greater sales as well as a re-energized team that is happier, more fulfilled, and more passionate about improving their contributions to a great cause.

A telephone salesperson “SHOULD” make 30 dials in an hour. But when they transform “SHOULD” into following their heart, their goal becomes to help 2 new clients per hour enjoy less stress through purchasing your company's product. The salesperson transforms from the “SHOULD” of dialing the phone, to a higher purpose of helping more people live better. They enjoy their job more and often make more sales in the process. But this transformation MUST come from management and be fully supported.

So the next time your feeling uneasy, dreading a task on your To Do list, or wishing Friday afternoon was here already, examine the “SHOULDs” in your life and consider following your heart instead.