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Face Your DemonsFace Your Demons - The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek

Most of us have such large egos that we will go to great lengths to cover up, ignore, hide from, or distract ourselves from our weaknesses and demons out of fear that we will discover we're not perfect. Logically we know we're not perfect, yet, somewhere deep down we still feel a need to appear to be. In all reality, the only one we are fooling is ourselves, and not very effectively at that.

Most athletes are secretly afraid of something... failure, not being good enough, the opinion of others, etc., so most go to great lengths to appear good in areas where they are comfortable, while attempting to hide, talk smack, or put down others in areas where they feel weak or inadequate. To be a great athlete, or great at anything, you must be willing to face your demons. You must be willing to attack your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Many of our fears and demons were “heaped upon us” throughout our formative years. I have worked with many clients. Their demons were their source of pain and unhappiness AND through Emotional Tracing™, their source for resolution and strength in bringing about their greatest success and joy.

We all have demons. But when you get “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, you are finally willing to face your demons. With Emotional Tracing™ and the other tools and protocols we use, those demons are quickly and readily turned into blessings, strengths, and happiness.

The ironic thing that happens when you face your demons with the right tools is how quickly and easily they disappear or transform into strengths.

Imagine the confidence, joy, relief, and happiness that you will experience when you permanently resolve your biggest demons and turn them into a source of learning, strength, power, and happiness!

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