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Limitations created by Thought Forms

Limitations Begin with Thought Forms

We all struggle with limitations - things that block our performance, conflicting ideas about ourselves, and self-defeating behaviors. Why do I eat so much or the wrong foods when I "know better"? Why do I drink so much or so often when I "don't want to"? Why do I play great with friends, but on a real team with a coach watching, I screw up?

Thought Forms or programming begin at an early age and continue our whole life. This video explains how Thought Forms are created, how they grow, and how they control us today. Learn how limitations began, how Thought Forms strengthened, and why you struggle with these limitations until you understand Thought Forms - how you created them and what you can do about them.

You are a CREATOR! You create all the time... we all do. We can't help it. But when you begin to understand how your limitations where created by you through Thought Forms, you can begin to understand what you can do to remove them.

Athletes can take their performance to a whole new level when they understand this truth "Your performance does NOT define you. You define your performance."

If your life is not happy and amazing, it simply means that you have some misunderstandings. Emotional Tracing™ is about learning from every experience. It's about discovering how you create everyday. It's about gaining the tools to take control of your life, happiness, and goals.

The wonderful thing about learning the truth about how and why you created Thought Forms that form the limitations that control you today, is that YOU CAN CREATE NEW THOUGHT FORMS that serve you very powerfully! Everything is a learned behavior. Now you can learn how to "unlearn" your limitations.

Leave a comment below... What Thought Forms would you like to remove from your life?