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Though Forms

Thought Forms in Action

Have you ever wanted something so bad, so completely, so intensely, that despite the odds and no matter what reality should have dictated, your wish came true? Maybe you married a spouse who was “way out of your league”. Perhaps your synergy, creativity, and vision for work are so congruent, that you are quickly and easily promoted. Maybe your desire and imagination is so clear for acquiring a big screen TV, that a business deal included a big screen TV you have always wanted but couldn't justify buying.

All of these events were created by thought forms. Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum physics have proven that thought is the ultimate power in the universe. Every thought you have creates a thought form. The thought form is what links the spirit world to the physical world. Because thought forms are birthed from thought, their entire reason to exist is to fulfill the physical creation of that thought.

Thought forms are created in the fine material all around us called the ether. The ether is like clay, sitting there until we mold it, shape it, form it, and create it with our thoughts. Thought forms, like clay, do not care what form they are molded into, however, they are alive, filled with the emotion, desires, and energies we placed in them. The thought form's only objective and reason for existence is to fulfill their directive – manifest in the physical world. A thought form of a big screen tv has the only goal of manifesting a big screen tv in the physical world.

Small quick thoughts, with little emotion, create small thought forms, which quickly wither and die. Thoughts derived from long contemplation, with strong emotions, create larger thought forms, that naturally live longer. When thoughts are repeated the new thought forms combine with similar thought forms to create a larger and much more powerful entity. When enough thought forms combine, they gain strength, and become large enough and powerful enough to manifest in the physical world.

Thought Forms can also be harmful. When you were a child, if you had strong emotional negative thoughts like, “I am never good enough”, or “I deserve the punishment I always get”, then these thought forms were also created and may have manifested and may continue to manifest in your life today. Clearing these old thought forms is crucial to your future progress, success and happiness!

The Emotional Tracing™ tools we use when working with clients to clear these thought forms is why our clients experience such dramatic results, why they can so easily overcome addiction or tragic events. This is why clients so often express comments after a session like “this is absolutely amazing” or “wow, this is incredible – how do you do this?” or “everyone must experience this”.

We are all creating everyday. We create good thought forms and not so good thought forms.This is a very rudimentary and simple explanation of how we are all creators in training. At first we create small things – a painting, a new bicycle, our first big paycheck, etc. as we learn, practice and grow, we create bigger things – a fancy sports car, a luxury home, a profitable business deal. A few of us eventually get to the point where we can manifest virtually anything, healing, miracles, enlightened transformation.

 What Thought Forms are you creating? Comment below...