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After looking at the Universe for a very long time, it is only recently that I discovered...

The Universe is looking back at me.

Is it a monster? An angry God, determined to judge me, find fault, and punish me?

When things don't go my way, it's easy for me to blame God - that's sure better than taking responsibility myself... at least for the moment. But later when I discover all the wonderful things I learn from my journey through life, do I still blame God for what turns out to be a perfect plan?

How is that when I do something right, I'm awesome, but when something happens that I perceive to be bad, I blame God?

And in a world where people confuse religion for spirituality and where there is more talk about people confused about their sexual orientation than there is about God, perhaps it best I not focus on God at all.

Humans in one religion turn themselves into bombs and blow up other humans not in their religion. Why?

Humans of one skin color make demands of humans of a different skin color. Humans of one gender demand to be treated the same as humans of a different gender, in spite of actually being far more spiritual, kind, and naturally happy.

Humans get angry when their politician doesn't win, or they fight for the right to be able to kill baby humans inside themselves.

Does everyone on earth forget that we are all humans?

Life on earth can get very confusing, challenging, and down right difficult at times. And that is when I go for a walk. Sometimes at night I look up from my little spec to see the Universe.

The tress whisper, the stream gurgles, the birds sing and as I look out to the Universe, I discover the most amazing thing. The Universe is looking back at me. Lovingly, without judgment, and accepting.

I don't have all the answers, but the Universe does. I just have to listen. I just have to dream bigger dreams. I just have to do more good.

I just have to be more human.